About the Spreadsheets

All of our spreadsheets work on Microsoft Excel (2010 or newer)

Microsoft Excel is available as part of the Office 365 Plan. More information about the plan is available here.

Absolutely, the spreadsheets work both on Windows and Mac

Although you can open our spreadsheets on your smartphone or via Excel Online, we do not recommend using them on these platforms.

Multiple features requiring advanced calculations, functions and macros (VBA) are indeed not available online or on mobile. Therefore, the spreadsheets will not operate as intended

When purchasing our Ultimate Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet, you will receive:

  • Excel Template (XLSB): Main excel spreadsheet to run your rental analysis
  • User Guide (PDF): Document describing the key features of the spreadsheet and how to use it
  • Demo Content (XLSB): Excel template filled with demo content used as an example to quickly help you use the spreadsheet efficiently 

Our House Flipping & Rehab Spreadsheet will come with the Excel template (XLSB), both blank and filled with demo content

No, each license is individual and allows for the use of the spreadsheet on one computer by one user. Should you require additional licenses, please proceed with multiple purchases.

Licenses are individual and cannot be shared with third parties, including co-workers and office members.

For group licenses adapted to offices and professional setups, please contact us for a personalized quote.

We update our spreadsheets on a regular basis based on customers’ feedback and suggestions.

Check our changelog to see the latest features added to our spreadsheets. Click here for the changelog of our Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet or click here for the House Flipping Spreadsheet.

Absolutely. We recommend all users to go through our documentation to quickly learn about all the features available in our spreadsheets.

If you still have technical questions after reading our documentation, feel free to reach out. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Pricing & Billing

No, you pay a one time fee. There is no hidden fee, membership cost or additional charge! By purchasing our spreadsheet once, you will get support and all future product updates for free for life!

Given the digital nature of our products, spreadsheets are not refundable after purchase. All sales are final.

Note that our spreadsheets are available in a Light Version which let you try the main features for free with no limit in time

You can try our Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet for free using this link

Our House Flipping and Rehab spreadsheet is available in its light version here

Yes, Real Estate Spreadsheets works with two of the most secure payment processing systems (Stripe and Paypal), used by millions of companies around the world.

Our spreadsheets are available in three versions:

  • A Light Version which contains all core functionalities and is free to use, with no time limit
  • An Advanced Version ($85) that includes all premium features for individual investors
  • A Pro Version ($250) intended for small businesses and offering advanced features to analyze large multi-family properties

For our Advanced Versions, this is a one-time fee (no membership or hidden fee) and all future updates are completely free.

For more information about the features available in our Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet, please have a look at our pricing comparison table

Technical Support

Although we have tested our spreadsheets in multiple environments and on various platforms, we cannot assure that excel will operate properly in all environments. For that reason, we highly recommend you to download the free version of each spreadsheet and try it out on your system first.

Please also verify the version of excel you are using as old versions tend to create incompatibility issues (that are not related to our spreadsheets). Additionally, if you are trying to open the spreadsheets at work, please note that corporate networks tend to have security systems that may prevent Excel from working properly.

For additional information on how to solve this issue, please follow the recommendations from this page.

Tabs of our spreadsheets will remain locked after purchase in order to maintain the integrity of the spreadsheets (workbook structure, formulas, etc). This does not prevent you from entering your own data in the spreadsheets in order to run custom analysis.

User data must be input in the blue cells which are unlocked in our spreadsheets (other cells, such as grey or white cells, are calculated cells used by the spreadsheet to make calculations and cannot be modified by user).